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Open Repository has partnered with excellent organizations to support open access and repository development worldwide. Some of our partners are detailed below.


eIFL are keen advocates of open access and aim to use the opportunities of the networked digital environment to stimulate changes in the scholarly communication and library practices through five key programs: open access, free & open source software, copyright for libraries, licensing of e-resources and growth of the network.



Open Repository is working with COAR (Confederation of Open Access Repositories) to advocate open access digital repository strategies at both a national and international level. This includes advocating for consistent policy formulations on institutional repository development and developing strategic partnerships for research infrastructure related initiatives worldwide.



Open Repository is now a DuraSpace Registered Service Provider. This reflects our position as an active participant in the DSpace open source software community, and our commitment to ensuring that current and future generations have access to our digital heritage by providing digital repositories.



The Symplectic Elements research management system is a powerful tool that makes it simple for an academic or research institution to have a constant, up-to-date picture of its research activities. Open Repository has partnered with Symplectic to integrate this tool with our hosted repositories to enable a solution for the REF and other assessment initiatives.



Wijiti provide technology solutions using open source software. Open Repository has partnered with them to develop Joomla! applications including the JCAR suite of integration points for the Joomla! Content Management System.



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