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Open Repository and DSpace

Open Repository is a registered provider for DuraSpace and members of our Open Repository Team include two members of DCAT (DuraSpace Community Advisory Team) so you can be rest assured of our repository knowledge, in addition to being a service from the open access specialists.


Based on DSpace, the most widely used repository platform currently available, Open Repository incorporates many advanced features, compared to an in-house solution. They include further enhancements deemed necessary by our vibrant Open Repository community, and which are provided to the open source development community for re-use. As well as providing stable and transparent pricing and additional features, Open Repository also provides extensive support not available with the standard software for all your repository's needs.


Additional features:

  • Full repository setup
  • Enhanced Google Analytics integration
  • Automatic software updates


For further information please refer to our Repository Matrix and Features pages.



  • A dedicated Account Manager
  • Nightly back-ups and third party disaster management
  • One day Administrator training
  • Training support materials for Administrators and users
  • Marketing & PR to showcase your repository
  • Continual technical and customer service support


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